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Worship God with quality Accompaniment Music.


(ORGAN and PIANO), to sing along with and glorify God.
Recorded by Susan Maehre on 14 Compact Discs.
Over 300 of our Most Favorite hymns...
ALL the hymns you love to sing.
  • The ABRIDGED version of New Hymns Alive.
  • piano - left channel - - - organ - right channel,
  • Enjoyed by literally tens of thousands of worshipers every week.
  • Source: the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal
  • Almost all hymns known and loved by Christians of all denominations
  • Also included are 26 hymns from other hymnals
  • WORDS included in .TXT files on disc 14
  • ALL the HYMNS you love to sing but 1/2 the price of the full New Hymns Alive 24 disc set.
  • Suggested Retail Price.
  • $US119.95 + $6.05 shipping in US Total = $125.00
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    Christians of all Denominations can love to sing God's praise
    with these quality accompaniment hymns on 14 discs.

    If you have or are purchasing these songs by the individual song in .mp3 or .wav form
    and the web site says they are from us...
    Sorry but it is Illegal!!
    We have never authorized anyone to sell our songs individually,
    and no one has sent us any funds for this activity. 
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    youthHe is Our Song
    A very nice hymnal for the Youth and young at heart.
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    Little Voices Praise Him

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    * home worship
    * church worship
    * Sabbath School
    * nursing homes
    * solo practice
    * prison ministries
    * outdoor church
    * learning new hymns
    * weddings
    * anywhere
    music is needed


    Susan L. Maehre