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Susan Maehre: singer, songwriter, musician and

Licensed Professional Counselor

Hear selections of her solo CD

These examples are short and have been dramatically compressed. This gives less than optimum sound quality. However, the CD is top quality sound. We pray that you will enjoy them.

strengthStrength for the Journey CD

Home to Stay (1 Mb)

Joy Overflowing (1.1 Mb)

Valley of Waiting (777 Kb)

Jesus Whispers Peace (651 Kb) 

Love to Last a Lifetime (651 Kb)

If you are interested in having her minister to your church be sure to call or write. She praises God and talks about family life issues.

Available through PAVE Records.
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Susan has recorded about 1,500 hymns to accompany your worship.

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* home worship
* church worship
* Sabbath School
* nursing homes
* solo practice
* prison ministries
* outdoor church
* learning new hymns
* weddings
* anywhere
music is needed
Susan L. Maehre