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Bob Maehre: artist

Daniel chapters 2 and 3 Statues, 9" tall... will be shipped in late April. You can order it now $19.95 plus $5.00 S & H. (This item, so far, shipped within the US only.)
This item makes a great spiritual conversation starter, desktop reminder that Jesus is coming soon!


Daniel 2 and 3Nebuchadnezar had a dream in Daniel 2. On the left you see our artist's rendition of the dream. With just 4 metals God fortold the future of planet earth all the way to our day and beyond. Babylon was identified as the head of gold, Daniel 8 identifies the next 2 kingdoms: Medo-Persia (silver), Greece (bronze). Then then next kingdom has to be Rome represented by Iron. Daniel 2 says that the feet were iron and clay which do not mix... so the break up and fall of Rome resulted in the divided Europe we see today. After that there is a "Rock cut out without hands" that hits the image at the feet and destroys the image. Jesus' 2nd Coming is prophecied. He is coming soon!

Nebuchadnezar, (Daniel chapter 3, the image on the right) did not like the dream that told of his demise so he had his artists make an all gold image and place it in the plain of Dura and have all of his kingdom bow to the image. It was a false image. God's prophecy mocked. Read about it in Daniel chapter 3, and is alluded to in Revelation.


dan2Large Image Sorry, Currently unavailable.
Coming soon, 20" tall - possible price... $49.95. Add $10.00 shipping/handling.

Daniel chapter 7 continues the Prophecy started in chapter 2.

7 lion7lion side
Daniel 7 Winged Lion represents the Kingdom of Babylon
Made of durable break resistant PVC plastic, 8" tall. $34.95 plus $10.00 shipping.

Daniel 7 beasts in original art form... molds will be made soon. Made in proportion to Lion.
7bear7 leopard
Bob can be contracted to do any 3D or 2D art you or your church needs. Contact him at the address below.
Not available as yet. Rough detail of an angel for the Ark of the Covenant.
Bob has been working on a model of the O.T. Sanctuary for some time. He just may finish it in 20??

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